I recently asked myself if “I was out of the woods yet”.

Upon reflection, that question bothers me.

There’s misinformation in it..

Here’s my problem:

  • I don’t believe out of the woods exists.
  • And even if it did, I don’t think I would want to live there.
  • Also implied, is the idea of waiting for tomorrow instead of just running with today.

The woods are a metaphor for life. Right?

There’s no escaping the fact that life is a dangerous place where it is easy to get lost.

But with care, attention, and effort, it is also somewhere within which to grow and prosper.

If I was able to move to a place without difficulty or challenge, how would I ever evolve to achieve my potential?

I painted the picture above after reading Jordan Petersen’s book.

I attempt to depict the concept of Chaos and Order, where:

Order = everything that we know and expect.

Chaos = everything that we do not know or expect. 

Imagine a world of only Chaos: 

Horrendously scary. No peace. No stability. Stressful. Nightmare.

Imagine a world of only Order (Out of the woods?):

Bland. No new knowledge. No growth. Stagnant. Boring. Nightmare.

To visit either of those places briefly is a holiday.

The truth is that if we want to evolve, grow, morph, learn, love, have fun and LIVE, then we need a life with a careful blend of both the Order and Chaos elements in it.

I am at day 52.

I shouldn’t be counting down the days until I arrive at a fictitious destination that will never appear. Along this route reside disappointment and a waste of my time (And a trip wire!).

Day 52 is an opportunity to be alive. (As is day 1, or indeed day1001).


Embrace this life with its struggles, trials and tribulations.

Live in TODAY.

Use my energy to develop techniques and talents, draw in new understanding and discover concepts and dimensions to aid me overcome.

A sober life is just a mini universe contained within a greater one.

The same rules apply to the mini one as to the bigger.

Carpe Diem!