Today I celebrate reaching my first triple-digit numeral!

My first centenary.

Simultaneously, I recall that this day was not, and is not, my destination.

Day 100 is merely a signpost along the way, signalling that I am still on the right path.

The path to where? I hear you ask.

Where do you want to go? I reply.

This path will take me to wherever I want to go.

Sobriety is not a ‘where’; It is a ‘How’.

It is the foot being taken off the brake pedal.

It is crazy that alcohol-free is no longer the default setting in this day and age and that we must go against the flow to step onto this solid ground.

I find it much easier to tag alcohol as a ‘Where’ because, without exception, it leads to Ruin.

Overly harsh? I don’t believe so.

Alcohol is a killer, a toxin, a poison, and is widely used to kill things that threaten us, like germs in a toilet, kitchen, or hospital. 

Diluted alcohol does not ruin us immediately on the spot.

That and the fact that it is such everyday use tempt us to think that it ceases to be a killer, toxin, or poison in moderation.

We are all surrounded by plenty of people who presumably subscribe to this belief, and I (100 days ago!) was one too.

It kills slowly in the background, targeting emotions, thoughts, and the physical body.

It is hard to keep track of things we may have lost that we were unaware of ever having. 

  • Those extra brain cells or pancreatic cells.
  • That peace or ability to unwind and relax
  • More money in the bank.
  • That relationship
  • The dream realized
  • Special memories
  • Events we didn’t attend
  • Experiences we didn’t have

The list could be endless.

Ruin is where the drug alcohol takes us.

But DAY 100 on the sobriety road is a different story entirely.

Sobriety has awakened my mind to total operating capacity and taken the lethargy from my muscles and bones. 

I have reignited my creativity and ability to dream. 

I am fuelled up and raring to go.

I need to ask myself what I would like my future to be.

The good news is that I am already on the path to that future.

I thank God for helping me this far. Thank you so much!