Support is crucial

I am going to thank and celebrate each, and every, one of those seconds! I am still sober! I am still on the train.

That I see going 11 days, without pouring poison down my throat, as an accomplishment, is seriously messed up.

I know! But I do recognise it as an AMAZING accomplishment. It is! And it makes me smile to think about it 🙂

Yesterday was tricky.

Yesterday probably won’t be a one-off. I need to be prepared.

It would be a good idea to examine what supports I have in place. Everyone is different and I must make sure my support structures are robust enough.

Carina is an amazing resource and a definite support. I feel so lucky to have her with me, but she was sensible enough not to descend into the depths which I did. She doesn’t completely get what I am going through. How could she? I may be a little lonely on this journey. I continue to think about an AA meeting.

Treats. The time for losing weight is not now. Now is the time for getting free from the alcohol trap. I need to stock up on chocolate and ice cream 🙂 

My listening and reading, of late, have been all learning about getting and staying sober. I will seek out some lighter and more enjoyable material.

Bubble baths, afternoon naps, and walks in the beautiful countryside are also in the mix


Consider as many things as I can to soothe, care and reward myself.

Today is on the sofa, cuddled in a blanket.