It’s a powerful thing to challenge the established.


To question the incumbent power base is to risk an attack.

The potential gain is to invite reform.

Danger versus reward.

The ruling authority will have found a place in the landscape and successfully set up shop.

It will hold the high ground.

The established can be many things, from political and corporate to domestic and local, but today, I am thinking about the ground held in my mind.

An idea.

A stance.

An understanding.

A Belief.

It can be a way of doing things, a pecking order, or a coping mechanism.

There are many more examples; the list is endless.

The point is that they already exist and are usually dug in.

To think about changing them:

  • Takes effort
  • Takes courage
  • Takes knowledge
  • Takes time
  • Is often necessary
  • Brings new life
  • Sets us free

Everything with Life in it will constantly evolve and, that is to say, change.

It is one of the signature traits of Life and why we love it.

Unfortunately, however, change is often unwelcome.

Upgrades and upcycles are hard work.

Better the devil we know.

As people, we have so much Life within us.

We have much to grow, advance, progress, transition, adapt and modify.

It is necessary to facilitate and allow this evolution to take place.

For 149 days, I have targeted my understanding of and relationship with alcohol.

It occupied a fundamental powerbase in my makeup because it was instrumental in most of my daily decisions.

  • Was there a beer along the way?
  • Can I drink there?
  • Do I have enough?
  • When will there be time for drinking?
  • Do I need to share?
  • Where is the nearest shop?
  • etc

I interrogated alcohol and my relationship with it and found it woefully wanting.

So, for 149 days, I have been making essential modifications within my world concerning this most destructive drug.

I have worked hard.

I see with new eyes and fresh understanding.

I am re-educating myself.

In so doing, I am making a bid for new Life.


How amazing is that!?

I am sure my bid will be successful, and I am incredibly excited.

My new vision has revealed how long I sat ignorantly in the dark.

I am shocked.

I have to consider the possibility of other bastions in my life, small or large, where I am presently festering in an unenlightened cell.

I am committed to bringing LIGHT into my thoughts and the library of my knowledge so that I can follow the TRUTH and find my WAY..

.. to FREEDOM.


Question everything and hold all knowledge with a loose grip.