Oprah says in her book that one of the greatest adventures of our lives would be to live our dream life.

I like this posited idea as it resonates with the echo of truth.

Like many truths, however, this one raises more questions than it answers.

  1. What is my dream life?
  2. Am I living it already?
  3. How far off am I?
  4. What changes are required?
  5. Am I able to achieve such a nirvanic goal?
  6. Am I too old to try?

I would never be too old.

Whatever my dream life looks like, it will not be a static affair but rather an event that involves progress and development.

My life will continue to blossom until its very end, so age is irrelevant.

I may have misquoted the excellent Oprah, or I can’t entirely agree with her because, as I consider the idea of adventure, it may be found more in chasing the dream than in its eventual capture.

I may be splitting hairs because my dream life will undoubtedly contain specific components that make it up and are identifiable.

Am I able to stretch towards such lofty ambitions? 

Is it possible?

Is it pie in the sky?

Now that I have unfettered myself from the constraints of alcohol and crawled out from under its debilitating tyranny, anything is possible.

What is my dream life?

It is a good use of my time and effort to get a picture of this.

To invite myself to dream.

And to pay attention and take notes.

Day to day, week to week, to month, and year are busy, busy, busy places, and time can skip by without finding time to pose such crucial questions or invite such opportunities.

As so often, I need to be intentional.

I need to prioritise.

I need to schedule in time.

Today I invite myself to dream dreams.

I will ponder a portrait of my dream life.

I will make notes and draw Venn diagrams and stick men.

I will invite my dreams to make themselves known to me.

Dreams are ideas which have yet to morph into the fabric of daily living.

Ideas are the beginning.

I have plenty of ideas.

Which ones shall I back?

How long will this process take?

It might be an ongoing thing.

I won’t load it with time pressure.

In addition to today’s homework, I will headline this exciting concept into my daily mental meanderings and look to distil it down to a vision and destination.

Watch this space.


Dream dreams.

Dream big.

Consider everything as available.

The journey is often the best bit. 

Enjoy surfing such a beautifully positive wave to its potential.