I love the truth; it’s a balm.

It befriends and defends.

It sets me free to be. Me.

Jesus said: ” I am the truth, the way and the life”.

Skipping over the enormity of what he was saying about himself here, he reminds me of how beautifully, crucially, entwined are these three strands.

The truth is more than just speaking the correct words; it is an operating procedure, a trajectory, a place of residence and a recognition of reality.

The truth is acceptance, bravery, and a willingness to breathe the oxygen of essential love.

The truth is an approach I can apply to any aspect of my coming and going.

I sense that the truth has been complicit in leaving behind my broken relationship with alcohol, and it remains supportively involved as I strive to uncover the truth of who I am, sober.

At 169 days, I am no longer fighting to free myself from the clutches of addiction.

I’m out.

Elvis has left the building.

The challenge now is interpreting the hieroglyphs of who I want to be and growing into myself.

I am only lagging by about 40 years, LOL; better late than never.

Personal growth means stepping onto unfamiliar ground.

It is scary.

I might make mistakes.

I will make mistakes.

Mistakes are par for the course.

I will make them and then use them as stepping-up blocks.

Upcycling my errors. Love it.

That’s my current thinking.

This process involves moving through a barrier of what was and will be.

There is no map because every one of us is different, and we each have individual starting points.

Like a teenager leaving childhood behind and tasked with re-inventing themself as an adult, with only the vaguest of directions, I too am on that ride.

This evolution is relevant to all my areas of being.

Everything is up for review, and so it should be.

This moment packs the promise and tension reminiscent of a first date, arriving at a new holiday destination, or turning to page one of a fresh novel.

Unfamiliar does not equate to undesirable.


Be brave, be honest, embrace truth, go with it, be prepared to struggle for a while and allow Life to help me unfold into who I can be. xx