We are in the Life-changing business because Life changes, and we are alive.

Voila. Welcome to the family business.

The world is in perpetual flux, continuously ebbing and flowing and affecting, directly and indirectly, our place within it.

We cannot control how our place is affected, but with practice and effort, we can manage our reactions to events and choose who we are within this whirlpool of infinite moments.

We can find peace and even joy in this maelstrom.

Life is a chain reaction. I picture a siphon or a domino chain that, once born, flows under its own momentum. 

Life does not happen ‘to’ us; We are involved, and it unfolds ‘with’ us.

Life is a powerful and unstoppable force.

We can’t choose what it throws at us, but we can choose what we do with what it does.

We can’t stop Life, but we can influence its path.

Life is a river; our choices are the pivotal riverbed through which it flows, and we help shape its course.

We face countless choices every day; they are all important because they all contribute.

We judge a tree by its fruit and recognise that a good tree needs healthy soil. So if we want good fruit, we must choose suitable soil.

Our choices are the soil; we are the tree, and Life’s automation sets off a zillion mini domino chains from which we reap new fruit.

Good choices = Good fruit.

Good choices result from thought applied to knowledge combined with awareness.

So often, we are unaware of the consequences of our decisions.

Small choices seem innocuous and yet can change everything.

On a fundamental and simplistic level, all our choices land us on the road to either Life or Death. 

It is worth noting that the road to death doesn’t bill itself as such or even always look like it on the surface. #Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

One such decision for me was to partake in social drugs and alcohol.

It seemed like a good idea at the time because I was uninformed, unaware, unthinking, and in pain following previous equally poor decisions.

Social drugs and alcohol gradually suffocated my spirit, mind, body, relationships, job, fun, health, hobbies, happiness, peace etc

A poor choice of soil from which flowed a slow descent into death.

Sobriety is a much happier choice to report on.

Like the previous example, I had yet to learn how far-reaching the consequence would be, which probably remains true today.

My choice to remove those ingredients has brought Life in its fullness to every aspect of my being and far surpassed any expectations I might have had.

I chose social drugs and alcohol to make myself happier (That’s the short version)

So often, we attempt to improve our happiness and peace by bringing external things into our lives, such as cigarettes/drugs/alcohol, relationships, material possession, holidays, bigger, better, and more.

Happiness and peace are internal states of being requiring inner solutions. Nothing from the outside will ever fix the inside.

The family Life changing business is about the complicated process of managing our inner workings.

Healing the past and laying down good soil for the future

Life is a psychological construct.

Everything results from thoughts, from my opinions to the computer I use to write them.

We experience everything through thought as our senses pick up the changes, and our brains react accordingly.

My hierarchy of ingredients for a positive life experience:

  • Spirit – Connect with God
  • Mind – Engage my thoughts
  • Body – Act accordingly

From the moment I wake each day, I am looking for choices that feel like light, love and Life. (Dark, hate and death are to be avoided and rejected)

I don’t always get it right, but I hope my strike rate improves as I commit to being a better me.