The media is currently reporting widespread fear of AI becoming too powerful.

We’ve all seen the movies.

AI takes over and destroys humans and the planet.

‘Cough!’ Um! Spoiler alert..

Hasn’t this already happened?

Isn’t this already happening right under our noses?

Within each of us is our own AI, except we call it ‘I’ (Me, my, mine, I)

Our intellect, the tool that has evolved alongside our consciousness, has taken over.

Our ability to think has usurped our capacity to be present, conscious and aware.

Our mental faculty is a loud, dangerous bully and out of control.

We don’t realise it because it dominates our view-finder with its propaganda bullshit.

Under its influence, we kill, rape, steal, lie, and hate; We destroy everything of worth and beauty, beginning with ourselves and climaxing with the very planet we live on.

On an individual level, our intellect pushes us for more, more, more (and soothes us that this is perfectly good and acceptable)

A constant refrain is: “It’s not enough”, “You are not enough”, or “I am not enough”.

I am not:

  • Funny enough
  • Slim enough
  • Rich enough
  • Full enough
  • Strong enough
  • .. enough!

One more. Just another. Just one more.

My AI compares greedily to those around me.

Other people have:

  • Better holidays
  • Smarter kids
  • Sharper clothes
  • Cooler shades
  • More friends
  • More kids
  • … whatever the currency of possessions is in your neck of the woods.

My AI chases and promises happiness.

  • Just one more step.
  • Just around the next corner.
  • Just buy that last thing
  • Just one more drink, bite, kiss
  • …. and I will know peace.

It’s a lie.

It is tortuous.

It is a living nightmare.

We know something is wrong because we can feel it, but we trust our AI, so we battle on, amassing bigger, better, more.

It is tiring.

It is uncomfortable always to feel lacking.

We crave escape.

Enter stage left – Relief in the form of food, drugs, alcohol, sex, financial rewards, and new possessions.

None of it works

Being trapped in this matrix is like trying to satisfy a craving for chocolate with a brand of chocolate that creates a hunger for more of itself #Definition of addiction right there!

As a world population, we are on the brink.

In Russia, Ukraine, China, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, and Syria, we are murdering our fellow people.

People all over the globe starve and have no water, so that we can stock-pile more.

We are unhappy and desperate.

The planet we inhabit is teetering on the brink of collapse as we rape its resources to have an extra handbag and an extra cupboard to store its predecessors in.

AI is here

The nightmare is real.

Can what I am saying be true?

Someone would have pointed this out earlier.

Socrates, Jesus, Buddha, Eckart, Laozi and many many more.

AI tells us these are the ramblings of deranged, misguided religious fools. #We know better.

Our AI has us living out of the past and into the future.

  • The past was shit – Let’s avoid that in the future
  • The past was great – Let’s recreate it in the future
  • The future is great – Let’s get to it
  • The future is shit – Let’s worry and fear


I am NOT suggesting that thought is not an incredibly useful tool or that we should cease thinking.

It needs reigning in and de-throning.

What is the answer?

How do we truly exit this hideous looping rollercoaster on acid?

We stop.

We stop here and now.

The AI doesn’t work the present, and that is where we find peace.

In the here and now.


This is handy because the present, this moment, the now is genuinely all there is.

Our sanctuary and oasis is the only place that truly exists.

  • Stop.
  • Look around
  • See with new eyes
  • Reach out with your inner self and feel the Now.
  • Look at what is around you ( a tree, a table or your hand, anything) as if you had never seen it before.
  • Engage.
  • Spread the word.