If there is a spiritual dynamic to this world, and I ignore it, then I leave an ENORMOUS piece of the jigsaw out of the picture.

Metaphor alert: If my car’s engine includes a spiritual cog, and I remove it, would it run as well? or even at all?

Innumerable groups have professed their understanding of being ‘spiritual’, and, to me, share a commonality:

The recognition that there is something greater than themselves.

Something more to being human than sensory experience.

The existence of a force within Creation

The source of all.

God, The Universe, Higher Power, Vishnu, Shiva, Mother Nature and many more names.

I choose not to ignore this vital piece of the equation.

  • Light and Dark
  • Good and Evil
  • God and the Devil
  • The Yin and the Yang
  • Order and Chaos
  • Consciousness and the Egoic Mind

Forces jostling us, pushing and pulling at the fabric of our worlds.

The Divine is the source of all life and holds all things together. 

God breathes lovingly and creatively through the heats my desires helping me realise true potential and purpose.


My thought life has created an Egoic-Self-Monster that also tries to contribute to my survival and prosperity but is mistaken, and its efforts diametrically oppose The Divine.

These two influencers each direct me to paths which couldn’t be more different.

The Divine calls me to a rich infinite life of possibilities for all, whereas the Egoic self seeks to drive me down a road of self-aggrandisement at any cost.

North and South.

Heaven and Hell.

Life and Death.

One or the other.

Daily, hourly and minute-to-minute, I must assess and make good decisions.

I hear their plausible prompts in my same consciousness, so how do I distinguish which ideas belong to which source?




The clue is whether I feel ‘called’ or ‘driven’ towards a thing.

A subtle yet significant distinction.

Am I being encouraged or pushed?

Commanded or invited?

The Divine is patient, allows the time I need and gently encourages me onwards and upwards.

The Egoic is blind to long-term consequences and will throw anything under the bus to force through its agenda, including me, my health, wealth, relationships, and the lot.

If I look back at the points of my life which have produced good and lasting fruit, they share a repeating format.

Each time, I felt and knew the right choice (deep down), but I didn’t want to make it for various reasons, but ultimately did.

Choosing the Divine over the Self.

Spirit over flesh.

Examples range from seemingly small and inconsequential to obviously life-transforming.

Turning down the career job of the century.

  • Pushed towards by the salary, lofty title, power and sense of achievement


  • Encouraged to turn it down in favour of an environment more suited to me and in which I could blossom.

Becoming self-employed.

  • Pushed away by procrastination, fear and insecurity for the future.


  • Called to a path that has blessed me and others continuously for 31 years.

Accepting invitations from Carina to exhibitions and galleries

  • Pushed away by too busy, boring, better things to do


  • Invited into a more profound shared life experience with my wife encompassing new knowledge and perspectives.

Stopping drinking alcohol

  • Pushed away by FOMO, identity, belonging, addictive mindset, inability, pain, suffering and more


  • Helped into a freedom of health, joy, love, and life that was impossible to see.

Infidelity and sexual misconduct

  • Pushed to by base desires to take, consume, and self indulge


  • Called into building a beautiful marriage which has lasted 37 years and under whose wings many have found shelter.

Giving a talk in public

  • Pushed away by fear of rejection and panic of failure


  • Encouraged to begin to shape myself as a teacher and enrich the lives of others

Paying my taxes

  • Pushed away by greed and fear to lie and steal 


  • Enabled into a truthful and authentic life of trust with the government, The Divine, myself and essentially everyone

Apologising and forgiveness

  • Pushed away by pride and self-importance and the need to be right.


  • Inspired to find peace, reconciliation, humility and lasting friendships

The list is endless.

Moving forward:

Red flags are when I feel:

  • Pushed
  • Driven
  • Dragged
  • Cornered.

Green flags are when I:

  • Sense the right within it
  • Feel a call
  • perceive an invitation
  • Like the direction, despite my feelings


Ask myself:

Are there any areas which are offering me flags at the moment?


Green flags include:

  • Multiple-night trip to the wilderness (Pilgrammage)

       (Opposition: Fears, laziness, awkward time on my own)

  • Practice the art of being present through daily meditations.

       (Opposition: ignoring/denigrating its importance)

  • Spend more time with Carina out of the home

       (Opposition: ignoring/denigrating its importance)

  • Write a book.

      (Opposition: Self-belief, procrastination, prioritising)

Red flags remain being worried and fearful of the future. And also the opposite of all the green flags!