From the Latin:

‘Con’ = Together

‘Tract’ = Draw or pull.

Contract = Drawn together.

The contract aims to achieve an end goal by drawing together elements and exchanging resources.

  • Buying; I give money and receive the thing.
  • Marriage; I give me and receive my partner
  • Job; I give my skills and receive employment
  • etc.

Life is full of goals where the same concept of ‘contract’ applies and where the commodity I broker is my awareness.

I give my focus, attention and energy in exchange for…

  • Gym; Fitness
  • Relationships; Friendship
  • Reading; Knowledge
  • DIY; Comfortable home
  • Cooking; A great meal
  • Driving; Safety on the road
  • etc.

The list of examples is endless.

In each case, I bring my awareness to the objectives and, in so doing, deliver my energy into the mix.

My energy flows automatically into that which has my attention.

My power ebbs naturally into that which has my focus.

Where I direct my thoughts is intrinsic because they facilitate and deliver the elements of my side of the contract, which makes the deal happen.

My focus and attention direct my energy.

Where my awareness is, I will also find my imagination and creativity, adding their power to the ensemble.

I don’t even have to try.

These are universal laws as stable and dependable as gravity.

By directing my attention, I unleash a multitude of natural energies and powers which all tumble down the road in a common direction.

The direction of my intended goal.

The outcome is inevitable and just a question of time.

Have you ever wondered about people who have achieved lofty positions with seemingly minor talent? 

Focus and attention can make up for much. 

Natural laws of the universe.


From the Latin:

‘Dis’ = Apart

‘Tract’ = Draw or pull.

Distract = Pull apart.

I am distracted when my focus or attention is drawn away from the task at hand.

A distraction is anything that draws my attention away.

If my focus and attention have changed, then so has the direction of my energy and power.

The distraction derails the goal I was hoping to achieve by pulling apart the elements which were working together to make it happen.


  • The school child gazing out the window or worrying about a situation doesn’t focus on the lesson in the classroom, and their education stalls.
  • The addict or obsessive whose attention is consumed to the detriment of their wider life.
  • The phobia that fills the viewfinder and prevents alternatives.

Alcohol was a huge distraction.

Alcohol drew my attention.

I was managing it, counting it, delaying and timing it. 

Fighting and negotiating.

Regretting and promising.

Relentlessly bumped and bobbed by a sea of its waves.

It is a miracle I got anything done at all.


In a contract situation, elements of similar worth are exchanged.

Quid pro quo.

But ..

When distracted, we find the transaction one-sided. There is a leaving of resources with no positive return.


Is this concept alluded to in Proverbs 29:18

“For lack of vision, my people perish”.


Choose my objective and fix my unrelenting focus on it until the universe/God helps me deliver it.


Be aware. Be present. Be here and now.

Develop my ability to concentrate.

Learn to be the boss of my thoughts and wield them.

Meditate and learn to direct my focus to my chosen objectives.