I am no military tactician, but I imagine that a mighty push forward into enemy territory might well be followed by a time of regrouping.

I would expect an initial address of efforts towards capturing the hostile ground, and then a secondary one directed towards digging in and establishing a new base of operations.

Once the new camp is in place it would be time to take stock, tend to wounds, mend broken kit and gather fresh energy before the next advance.

This is the place I find myself now.

I have made a truly big push and gained incredible ground.

In addition to leaving my prison behind, and breaking the chains of behaviour and habit, I have disrupted the enemy’s communications (bad voice), I have read, listened and digested ridiculous amounts of new knowledge (intel), I have found brilliant role models to be lead and inspired by, and in so doing, have changed the landscape of my life today and thereby tomorrow also!

Apologies for mixing my metaphors, but I want to return to the one of me on a train, with a valid ticket! (because I love that thought). Every moment takes me further forward on this fantastic adventure, from the comfort of my window seat J

It might look as if I am not doing much, just sitting in my seat, but I am J

I am not drinking.

Wait! I have just had a BRILLIANT idea! I am going to give myself an upgrade on this train (It’s my metaphor and my imagination, I can do what I like LOL). I was picturing myself on a bog standard British rail train, but I am switching up to The Orient Express! Yeah-Baby! Complete with cushions, inlayed furniture and a restaurant carriage with a table reserved for me. Oh Yes!

This may seem silly but it isn’t. The imagination is a powerful tool, with which we can either self-sabotage or self-support. And it’s fun. I am literally laughing as I write this!

OMG! Miss Marple has just knocked on my carriage door and asked if she might share my carriage! I, of course, said yes. (She’s such a sweet lady)

I feel a sense of luxury and treat wash over me together with a Cheshire cat smile, and I think I will continue laughing at this genius upgrade.


Laugh as much as possible