My sober Life is an adventure of non-stop discovery.

It is so exciting.

It is like regularly finding a million quid stuffed down the back of the sofa and realizing it’s been there forever and it’s mine to use.

I’ve started spending!

I recently delved my hand down the back of the sofa and found ‘Space’.


I will refer to all ‘things’ (all matter and creation, including thought) as Form.

Form is something. Some-‘thing’.

Space is nothing. No-‘thing’.

I have gazed up at a star-filled sky in the Rajasthan desert and tried to take in the vastness of Space.

I’ve seen the images from Hubble and the films showing more and more enormous planets and the distance between them.

I also understand that atoms comprise all matter and that 99.99% of an atom is Space.


There is endlessly more Space than anything else.

What is Space?

What is the relationship between Form and Space?

Are there any implications for me?

Space may be no-thing, but it certainly exists, which makes it something… but it isn’t! by definition! and herein lies a puzzle.

Our instruments can’t measure it, and I cannot smell, hear, taste or touch it, yet it is. Everywhere, in boundless quantity.

Space must have pre-existed Form, as the latter exists within Space.

Space seems an endless expanse in which Form becomes visible.

Space is like an infinite awareness.

Is it merely a canvas backdrop, or is it more?

I cannot help but be reminded of the opening lines from Colossians:

“For in him, all things were created: visible and invisible in heaven and on earth… He is before all things; in him, all things hold together.”

Space is looking very noteworthy to me right now.

We instinctively value Space:

  • Sorry, I need my Space.
  • I don’t have the head Space for that.
  • Real estate Space is premium.
  • Bigger is beautiful.
  • The appeal of the great outdoors
  • Quiet
  • Alone time
  • Peace

Space is a mystery and a potentially important one.

If Space is the place from which and into which all things come and have their being, then could it be the source of Life and all creation?

Is it the infinite awareness in which all things come from and hold together (Otherwise known as God)?

If it isn’t, it is closely associated!

As a human being, I straddle both the ‘some-thing’ with my body and thoughts and the ‘no-thing’ with my consciousness and awareness.

Every human is the boundary where these two realities meet.

The more Space I create around me, the more comfortable I feel, but even more of a game-changer is the changes I see if I facilitate Space within.

Each time I still myself and quiet my thoughts, whether through meditation, prayer or a walk in the vast outdoors, I create gaps into which Space enters and alters my being.

I intentionally create Space within me as often as I think of it during the day.

It can be a ten-minute meditation, 10 seconds of focused breathing as I walk to the shops or mindful observation as I head to the gym. Everything works.

The results are that I feel:

  • Grounded and stable
  • Peaceful and balanced
  • Not anxious
  • Clear minded
  • Insightful
  • Brave and enabled

I become more creative and effective.

I move closer to my potential.

I feel more authentic about who I am.

I feel happy.

My understanding would express itself as such:

I become the infinite Space’s expression of itself through me, and we become a double act.

My partner is Infinite Space and Awareness.

How cool is that?

As I say, another million quid located down the back of the sofa! 

What will I find there tomorrow? LOL


Make Space, not war.

Be intentional about making time to make Space. 

(Anyone who follows my blog or Insta reels may spot the oxymoron here, as Time is an illusion; there is only Now, and I strongly suspect that Space and Now are one and the same thing. Whatever. Make Space!)