Am I asleep right now? (Are you?)

How could we be for I am writing and you are reading?

Asleep is unconscious is unaware.

Am I asleep?

Maybe, but I am waking up.

Sleep is that sublime place I adore drifting into at 9pm,

and whence I emerge from 8 hours later, refreshed and ready to go again.

In those 8 hours, my mind is busy and completely

distracted with crucial internal maintenance and repair

work, and I am

oblivious to who or where I am and what is happening

around me.

I dream and am unaware they are dreams … until I awaken.

Can I be mentally asleep while physically awake?

My mind is a very clever bit of kit and a tricky place to


Being awake is about being alert and aware of what is

happening to me and around me.

It is about being present.

It sounds easy, but I need to be intentional about it

because my mind will, through good intentions, weave

inaccurate thoughts, ideas and conclusions based on its limited field of vision and automated function processes.

I often see and hear what I expect instead of what is.

I can be so caught up in A that I don’t notice B.

I can delude myself into thinking things are not as they


I can be distracted, uninterested, or too tired to search

for truth.


When I was drinking (all those months ago, Hallelujah!),

reality was not as I perceived it.

I didn’t get away with what I thought I did (on many


Nor was I as chained to the addiction as I believed.

Situations were less scary and much more manageable than

they appeared to me.

My anxious and sedated mind misinterpreted everyday facts

and circumstances, delivering me into a dream-like stasis.

Unaware and therefore unconscious. 

Asleep to reality.

I needed to awaken, and I clucking-well did!!!!





Light bulb OMG moments.

These are not territories reserved only for those trapped

in addiction.

These are Life-filled depth charges that awaken us from

the blindness of routine and misinformation.

Divine reveilles calling us to step out of slumber.

What else is there to ‘wake up’ from and to?

Gloriously, the answer is much, and I am only getting


I recently posted that “The sky’s the

limit”, and someone further along the path

commented, “No, it


I believe them and am excited.

I want to awaken more.

The most significant awakening I am currently undergoing

is fathoming the real me.

I am not my loud and arrogant thoughts.

What a relief!

I am that quiet and peaceful awareness that sits behind

those thoughts.

My thoughts are not always a peaceful place nor a

reliable source of information and decision-making.

I am learning to bring my quiet awareness into

the every day and am awakening to a world that was always

there but somehow

hidden from view.

My thoughts talk a good talk and boast much, but I am

awakening to the fact that my quieter inner self is

capable of infinitely more.

I do not have to train or develop my inner being.

I do not need to take my soul to the gym for a

workout or give it a pep talk.

My inner self is already a powerhouse of ability.

I was born with a spirit divinely pre-locked and loaded

with Life’s full creative power.

I simply need to reveal it and give it space to operate.

I am divinely linked.

I don’t need to ‘do’ anything.

I am awakening to the incredible truth that I only need

to sit back and ‘be’ who and what I am… and then it

flows beautifully.

I am a conduit and a space through which the universe

will express itself, from boiling pasta to painting the Sistine Chapel.

I still my thoughts and clear the stage for the main act.

I do not find joy and peace in scenarios.

Instead, I bring joy and peace to scenarios because they

flow infinitely from within when I manoeuver thought out

the way.


Wake up.

Develop my ability to manage thought.

Learn how to be still.

Meditation is the gymnasium for the mind.