I am standing strong.

I do not feel strong, and yet I know that I am.

I have remained a sober person, despite feeling a bit crap.

This leg of my journey continues to be uncomfortable.

Life enjoys blessing with one hand while picking my pocket with the other.

My problems are not particularly major (it’s all relative right?), but there’s been a steady stream of them, and they have left me feeling a bit meh.


Mobile phone.


Client/ Work.


Furthermore, my wife has been away on an art course for the last three days, and I miss her.

I don’t mention all this to bleat. It is quite the contrary. 

A blessing in disguise.

OK, a mixed blessing.


On the plus side, I have the opportunity to practice new methods of dealing with everyday scenarios.

On the down side, I haven’t learned many yet.

Back on the plus side, it forces me to find new ones.

The alcohol voice made a few suggestions, of course. None worth the time to even listen to them LOL.

What are my new methods?

Brace yourself; here they are:

  1. Reading sober books helps. I don’t read for long, but I feel a lift when I recall which side of the fence I am currently standing on.
  2. The bible sooths. I like lines like: 

  • Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.
  • Let patience have its perfect work.
  • Crown of life.
  • Law of liberty

3. Mindful Water Drinking

What is mindful water drinking?

Well! (no pun intended) it is genius.

Before drinking from my water-bottle, I plant a suggestion in my mind that this water is AMAZING!

Then I drink it super slowly, allowing the water to run around my taste buds and slosh around my cheeks. I e-ver-so-sl-ow-ly let it trickle down my throat. I make it last. I enjoy every moment of it.

You know what?

It feels like a top top treat.

I love the texture and the taste.


This last one has an extra benefit to me.

I reviewed my addiction past.

Everything is oral.

Chocolate, Cigarettes, Spliff, Beer, Wine.

So it seems that I need to find oral strategies.

Chewing gum or tooth picks will wear out my teeth and jaws.

But beautiful, clean, crisp H2O? Perfect!

This blog and my Instagram also helps.

You help.

Who are reading this right now.

You help.

I might not know you in the street, but I feel your connection here, and I am comforted.

I like that I am part of an amazing group of people achieving an incredible thing.

It is not IF we can weather the tough times.

It is HOW we weather the tough times.

And we do that together.

We might be alone, weathering the times, but we are alone together 🙂

Thanks for being on this journey with me.