Let’s take stock.

I check my diary and count the days again! 9

My train has definitely left the station and the amazing, terrific, fantastic, brilliant -shall I go on? YES! – incredible, fabulous, IN-YOUR-FACE-ALCOHOL! news is that .. I have a ticket! AND, I am on board! High five! Crazy little dance! Whoop Whoop! Big smile on my chops! J

That crap life is 9 stations back and getting further all the time. My confidence is HUGELY boosted.

I am tempted to revise my goal and aim higher. To quit forever. I have a worrying thought that it is too early to go there? “Learn to walk before I run”.

I have started listening to that quiet voice of wisdom that lives inside me (and filtering out the manipulative destructive one) but it is not always clear to me which is which. The alcohol voice can be sly.

I will err on the cautious, for now, and stick to my 24 hour target. Stay in the present, for now. (But the bigger picture is on my horizon – and I am not unhappy about it!)

I am so pleased (with myself! Yes!) that I started, this recovery, at this time, instead of waiting until it was even harder to do.

I am learning new life behaviours and skills, slowly but surely

I manage non-overwhelm by taking things gently. I do not overburden my moments.

The habit of reaching for my water bottle is taking hold. I am rehydrating and, judging by the colour of my wee, the detox is still in full flow (pardon the pun)

I am kind to myself with words and also deeds.

Sticking with the ‘train’ analogy, I am mindful that there are other very cool passengers on board. I would like to meet these kindred spirits. I am considering attending a local AA meeting. It could be fun or useful or interesting, or all three. (How do I know what’s behind a door unless I open it and look in)


I am marching to the beat of a different drum. So much is unfamiliar. The path forward will not look like the old path. Be brave and be bold. Best foot forward.